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Realtors - their work, difficulties and pleasant moments.
November 16, 2021

Today's topic is about realtors. What are these people interested in, what motivates them and how profitable and understandable this profession is. A realtor is rightfully considered a relatively young profession in our country.

   Moreover, a huge number of transactions in terms of real estate are made precisely thanks to the help of specialists from the presented list. The first professional specialists in the field of real estate appeared in Ukraine around the 90s, after the adoption of the law "On the privatization of the housing stock". Very often, in addition to the terminology of the word "realtor", such words as broker, broker, real estate agent are used. All these concepts can rightfully be considered equivalent.

   Another interesting fact is that the realtor's profession, as such, does not exist, and 80% of the workers employed here are women.

   A realtor's income depends entirely on his business acumen, and more specifically, how well the agent works and how many objects he will lease or sell. Of course, in this case, the earnings are quite large, because in most cases the amount earned is about 4-5 percent of the value of the object (to be frank, sometimes realtors, to help sell or buy, really do a wide range of work! Who says that money is easy for them to earn - come and try it! Many people who want easy earnings can not stand the stress even in the first week of the internship). Their income is highly volatile. In general, to sum up, such a profession as a realtor is quite interesting and peculiar. Therefore, in the event that a person intends to give preference to this type of activity, he will have to spend a huge amount of time not only on studying the real estate market, but also to comprehend all the subtleties of psychology, architecture and jurisprudence).

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