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Realtors - their work, difficulties and pleasant moments.
November 16, 2021

Today's topic is about realtors. What are these people interested in, what motivates them and how profitable and understandable this profession is. A realtor is rightfully considered a relatively young profession in our country.

   Moreover, a huge number of transactions in terms of real estate are made precisely thanks to the help of specialists from the presented list. The first professional specialists in the field of real estate appeared in Ukraine around the 90s, after the adoption of the law "On the privatization of the housing stock". Very often, in addition to the terminology of the word "realtor", such words as broker, broker, real estate agent are used. All these concepts can rightfully be considered equivalent.

   Another interesting fact is that the realtor's profession, as such, does not exist, and 80% of the workers employed here are women.

   A realtor's income depends entirely on his business acumen, and more specifically, how well the agent works and how many objects he will lease or sell. Of course, in this case, the earnings are quite large, because in most cases the amount earned is about 4-5 percent of the value of the object (to be frank, sometimes realtors, to help sell or buy, really do a wide range of work! Who says that money is easy for them to earn - come and try it! Many people who want easy earnings can not stand the stress even in the first week of the internship). Their income is highly volatile. In general, to sum up, such a profession as a realtor is quite interesting and peculiar. Therefore, in the event that a person intends to give preference to this type of activity, he will have to spend a huge amount of time not only on studying the real estate market, but also to comprehend all the subtleties of psychology, architecture and jurisprudence).

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June 27, 2021

We all have places within a 15-minute walk from our house that we regularly visit: a bus stop, a clinic, shops, a kindergarten for our children, and the like. This is what can unite all people living nearby. And this “near” can also differ depending on how socially active we are. With Good.Property, you will always have a choice with whom to share a floor and whose legs will go over your head. For me, a neighbor is not only someone who lives directly in my house, but in general a person who lives nearby.

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May 26, 2021

The municipal corporation KSCA "Kievavtodor" announced a tender for the overhaul of Khreshchatyk Street in the center of Kiev and estimated the work at UAH 741,000,000. Source: Prozorro, Skyscraper.

  The auction is scheduled for July 30, the expected cost of the work is UAH 740,951,000. The renovation should be completed by the end of 2023. During the renovation, they are going to remove the tiles from the sidewalks and replace them with 10 cm thick granite slabs. Granite slabs will also cover parapets and stairs, and install decorative granite layers.

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May 13, 2021

Modern sharks of the construction business and ordinary developers have not used the phrase "tenement house" for a long time, and as such, houses almost do not exist today. Apartments are sold or rented out.

  An alternative to apartment buildings is office and shopping and entertainment centers. An apartment building is an apartment building built for renting out apartments, as well as a type of architectural structure that became widespread in European countries from the 1830s to the 40s. ... Usually an apartment building was multi-storey and the cost and layout of apartments depended on the floor. In Kiev, the first tenement building became known to all the House with chimeras by the brilliant architect Vladislav Gorodetsky.

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May 7, 2021

The house for two owners was previously built in the countryside. Now this format is popular again. True, the names of the houses are newfangled - duplexes, flathouses, but the essence remains unchanged - two families live under one roof. Today, a two-family house is a cross between a townhouse and a cottage. The peculiarity of real estate is that the owner receives a part of the home ownership, and the other half will be with his neighbors. Two-family homes are also suitable for large families looking to purchase separate parent-child housing but to live next door. This can also be true for close friends and relatives. Such real estate is suitable for those who prefer suburban real estate, want to have their own adjoining plot at their disposal, but cannot afford a separate cottage.

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April 30, 2021

Where is it cheaper to rent an apartment in Kiev?


  The most budgetary district of Kiev turned out to be Desnyanskiy. Renting a 1-room apartment here will cost an average of 6500 hryvnia per month. For a month of renting a 3-room you will have to pay 9800 hryvnia.


  For comparison, almost the same amount (9400) will cost to rent a one-room apartment closer to the center in the Shevchenko district of Kiev.


  The most expensive in the capital rental market remains the Pechersk District. Here, renting a 1-room apartment will cost an average of 14,500 hryvnia per month, a 2-room apartment - 23,200 hryvnia, and a 3-room apartment will cost more than 40,000 hryvnia per month. What is the most popular housing for rent in Kiev?

  The greatest demand in the rental market in the capital is observed for one-room apartments - they are looking for 6 out of 10 tenants (58%) in Kiev.


  34% of potential tenants are looking for two-room apartments. The smallest demand in the first 6 months of 2019 was observed for 3-room apartments - only 8% of housing employers were interested in them.

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April 23, 2021

As a rule, our people do not want to become entrepreneurs and rent out housing, forgetting that they still have to pay taxes. Frequent change of tenants, the presence of noisy personalities among tenants often arouses the unhealthy interest of neighbors, who may well write a complaint to the tax office, which is also fraught with trouble.

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